Discover a city’s soul through your feelings

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Discover a city based on how you feel

Soul.City is a travel and lifestyle app available for iPhone and other smartphones. Soul.City proposes a new way to discover a city, through your feelings.


Pick a city you would like to discover in a new way, and select the feeling that best describes your current mood: Romantic? Foodie? Making the kids happy? Outdoorsy?


Enter the time you have at your disposal (2hrs, 4hrs, 6hrs) and let us take you on a walking tour of the city’s sights, and… soul.

Discover the feelings

  • Foodie

    An itinerary for the culinary explorer, in search of the city’s savoury delights.

  • Girly

    Whether travelling solo or in a group of besties, this itinerary is created by our top lifestyle bloggers just for you!

  • Making the kids happy

    If you are travelling with kids you know what we mean!

  • Surprise me

    One of our top features, we are taking you on an unconventional journey through the city!

  • Jet lagged

    Because sometimes all you need is a little R&R.

  • Romantic

    Travelling with your loved one? Let us take you through the city’s most inspiring places to nurture that romance.

  • Typical tourist

    First time traveller to the city? We take you on a tour of the city’s most famous landmarks.

  • Outdoorsy

    Coming soon, we take you on an outdoors adventure to get fresh air from the city’s green surroundings.

  • Exceptional Feelings

    Every city hosts special events… here is the place for in-the-moment discoveries.
    Strasbourg Wake'up
    April 23-24 2016

Discover a city through your feelings and the time you have


We don’t always have an entire day to discover a new place. Soul.City proposes itineraries based on the time you have at your disposal, with choices from 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours. Then it’s up to you to linger throughout the itinerary, or rush through it!

You're guided step by step ...

The app guide you step by step in all routes to let you feel the best experience possible.

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